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手机东方彩票网:May revenue rankings released: These funds performed best in May

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内容摘要: In May, the first half of the A-share market rose steadily, and in the second half there was a sharp retreat of “six shades” and a “parabol...

In May, the first half of the A-share market rose steadily, and in the second half there was a sharp retreat of “six shades” and a “parabolic market”.

Yesterday, the market officially closed in May. Who performed best in the volatile market? In the first five months of this year, who was the winner?

7 _ 89456 _ 7 _ 65473 _ 95 months Fund Keyword: " food and beverage ", "consumption"

Wind data show that as of May 31, stock index closed at 3095.47 points, early to rise 0.43% compared; Shenzhen Component Index to close at 10,295.73 Point, slightly down 0.28% from the beginning of the month; The Hang Seng Index closed at 4234.97 points, down 0.07% from the beginning of the month. A shares and H shares of small fluctuations, the overall fund performance is placid. As of May 31, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Fund Index rose by 0.09%.

Although the fund's overall performance in May was flat, there were also some bright spots. In May, after excluding graded and net value-shifted funds, fund income TOP10 has been difficult to see the “medicine” label and replaced by the “food and drink” “consumption” theme.

"Daily Economic News" reporter found that, in May, non- classification fund earnings unit top 10 net growth of more than 13%, the highest reached 17.47%.

"Drinking Quotes" also appeared in the ordinary equity fund , partial stock hybrid fund gains TOP10. In May, the top ten products of the above two types of fund income have net value growth of over 10%.


10 funds this year, rose over 25%

this year, the first five months of non-hierarchical fund TOP10 still occupied medicine thematic funds across the board, and the rate of return over 25%.


The reporters found that in the non-gradation fund TOP10, the fund with the highest increase this year has risen 34.22% during the year; the funds that followed it had a growth rate of 28.77%.

In addition, China Universal health care, easy to square up CSI 300 medical and health ETF, Central European healthcare, easy Fonda Shenzhen 300 medical and health ETF joins, Yinhua SSE All medical and health to finance the health care industry A and other pharmaceutical thematic funds this year Both have grown by more than 25% since.

debt-based earnings show differentiation

data show that this year, 13 market index fund, bond fund only index is positive, the results achieved 1.44% 7 _ 89456 _ 62 _ 65473 _ 9 years.

May, more than just bond credit rating was lowered, a greater impact on the overall debt-based income. From the perspective of the proportion of funds receiving positive returns, the growth rate of previous debt-based monthly performance was above 70%, while the proportion of debt bases that obtained positive returns in May was only 54.56%, which was the lowest among all types of funds. Debt-based companies have seen a decrease in the proportion of positive returns. At the same time, the average growth rate of their unit equity has also declined. The data shows that the debt-based average monthly return rate of -0.09%, while the previous average income was negative in November 2017. Since

this year, bond credit risk-prone, debt-based income gap between the more obvious. Data show that in the first five months of this year, the net interest value of of the bond-based fund TOP10 fluctuates from 5.23% to 12.94%, while the fall in yields has exceeded 10%, and the biggest drop has fallen by nearly 50%.





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